Global Commission of Project Management Executives - Fake Fake Fake

Global Commission of Project Management Executives - Fake !!! don't respond to the email please.
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We are pleased to announce that based on a thorough review of your previous academic and professional record; the Board at Gulf Project Management Association (Gulf PMA) has directly approved you as a 'Project Management Expert (PME).

Due to Expo 2020 there are 100,000+ current Project Management Job Openings in the Gulf Region. But only 'Project Management Experts' are preferred for these Jobs and other A-Rated Management Projects. Gulf PMA Members are given Preference above the Rest! You must Claim your membership Kit within 24 hours to avail this Once in a Lifetime Opportunity.

Every Year US based universities/educational institutions recommend their Top Tier graduates holding a degree/qualification in Project Management to Gulf Project Management Association for the Membership Program. For a limited time period endingApril 30th; the Association has allocated 10 Exclusive Member Seats for the Top 3% exceptional individuals who will be allowed to bypass the 'Interview Requirement' and directly qualify as a Member.

Key Benefits of being a Project Management Expert (PME)
  • Project Management Expert (PME) credential is the most important industry-recognized certification for project managers
  • Membership Card; showing your current Recognized Title of Project Management Expert PME in GCC.
  • Endorsement Certificate for use of Title from Gulf PMA; allowing you to use your project management title on your CV or otherwise in GCC.
  • Certificate of Project Management; declaring you as a globally accepted bona fide Project Management Expert.
  • The Title demonstrates that you have the experience, education and competency to lead and direct projects.
  • 100% acceptance with Top Employers in the region - This recognition is seen through increased marketability to employers and higher salary; according to the Gulf Project Management Association Salary Survey.
How to Proceed?

Since you have officially been conferred the Gulf PMA 'Member Status' & the 'PME' Title, the Membership Kit under your Name has already been issued. You are required to claim your kit for just $399 – (Membership Fee $2,500 waived for Exclusive Member Seats Only) by simply clicking here to confirm your interest.

OR Reply back to this email with your Updated Cell Number along with the best time to contact you.

NOTE: Limited Seats- If recipient of this email fails to respond before April 30th2017 the Seat will be transferred to the next eligible Candidate. Any delay shall also result in cancellation of your Membership and your status will be marked as 'Not Verified' in the system.

Director – Gulf Project Management Association


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